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Erin HarrisI’m a writer and editor who by day creates materials that help people solve problems, and who by night crafts tributes to the august tales of yore. I also like to write about food and music. And here on this blog I pen stuff about writing, plus the occasional travel story.

A writing teacher once said of me, “I suspect that this writer is in love with words.”

And he was right. I am in love with words.

I’m also a marketer who hates marketing.

Which is why I love content marketing.

Does that make any sense?

Here’s what I mean:

I hate in-your-face marketing ploys, but I love creating valuable, shareable content to attract people to services that help them solve problems. I love writing, storytelling, and giving people the resources they’re looking for to make their lives better.

So I’m a writer and editor for organizations whose stories I respect and want to share.

I’m also a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer. Check it out:


Want to work together? Find me on Twitter or LinkedIn, or reach out here:


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