Case Studies/Testimonials Page [Portfolio]

resultsThis was another fun page to write and develop. At the time I led the creation of this puppy, I was working with not only a magical front-end developer. I was also working with the best designer I’ve ever collaborated with as a copywriter. Much of what’s featured here in my portfolio is the result of combining forces with Jon and Terrence.

This page showcases customer testimonials, and it links to deeper case studies. Spotlighting data we gleaned through TechValidate surveys and a coworkers’ podcast interviews with our customers, this is the ultimate in social proof. The team says it’s crucial to closing sales.

As we speak, this page is being redesigned as part of CPI’s new website build (ask me about that too–I wrote the forthcoming copy!). The elements of this page will also be integrated all over the beautiful new site. For posterity, here’s a screenshot of the current page 1 :

Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful elements you can feature on your website.

Especially when they’re coupled with photos of real, live, happy customers, testimonials persuade prospects that your product or service is the solution they’re looking for.

Quick bites of data like those above are great for visitors who are browsing. And each bite above links to deeper details. Because for prospects who need thorough stats, data, and success stories to be assured of your value, a case study or ten is a must.

Testimonials also give you insight into how to write your copy–from your landing pages and your home page to your About page, sales pages, emails, and more. And they inform you about how to keep customers coming back for continuous value.

I can tell you some simple ways to get testimonials. And if you need case studies written, hit me up.

Need killer case studies?

I write success stories that sell.




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