Call-for-Content Page [Portfolio]


As part of my role as blog manager for CPI, I crafted the copy and led the development of this page. It persuades subject matter experts to guest blog for mutual advantage.

Once the SMEs came flooding in, I sent them the writing guidelines I developed, accepted or rejected their pitches, scheduled accepted posts, and ruthlessly edited the content to meet the quality standards that I set.

Here’s a screenshot of the page, which has drawn dozens of great partners in rich, authoritative content:


Content is king, they always say, and it’s still true. Google is wicked smart now though, and your potential visitors are ultra discerning. So your content has got to be good. The quality and the intrigue need to be high in order to get the clicks, likes, and shares that signal to Google–and to potential visitors–that your stuff is a cut above the rest.

What are your visitors’ questions? What are their pains? Answer and alleviate in a friendly way. Be helpful, be funny where you can, and be real. Write compelling content that establishes you as a trusted advisor in your space. And publish irresistible, original content from others that bolsters your site as the go-to authority on your topic.

Don’t have time? Not a good writer? Can’t edit to save your life? Get in touch with me below. My services can help you. I write, I ghostwrite, I manage blogs, and as I said above, I edit ruthlessly. But with a golden pen. People tell me daily, “You always make my words better and intentions clearer. 😃

Want awesome content?

I’ll help you get more clicks, shares, and sales.

Help Me With Blog Content!


About Erin Harris

I'm a copywriter by day and a fiction writer by night. I also write about food, travel, music, film, and much more.
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