Storytelling Sales Page [Portfolio]

jobStories sell. I wrote this post to persuade prospects to sign up for the CPI Instructors’ Conference. Here’s what Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone tweeted about it:

“Thought this was a great example of a powerful, principled marketing message.”

In fact, this page is part of what earned me Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer status.

See it live, or check out this screenshot:


There are copywriters who will tell you that copywriting is a science. It certainly is. Because there’s a method to it. It’s also an art. Because it takes a certain finesse.

If you want your content to perform for you, get in touch with me. I mix the right amounts of art and science to create alchemical gold that gets results.

Want more leads? More sales?

I write copy that sells like hotcakes.

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About Erin Harris

I'm a copywriter by day and a fiction writer by night. I also write about food, travel, music, film, and much more.
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