Natural Pain Reliever: A Killer Remedy for Advanced Pain Management


You know that OTC and prescription pain meds are toxic. And sometimes they don’t even really work anyway.

So you’ve tried all kinds of natural pain relievers.

You’ve tried Epsom salt baths. Magnesium oil. Essential oils like lavender, wintergreen, peppermint, and ginger. You’ve taken omega-3 fatty acids and proteolytic enzymes to digest proteins like kinin and fibrin. You’ve tried collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM. You’ve made bone broth. You’ve taken turmeric pills, St. John’s Wort, white willow bark, cramp bark, arnica, you name it. You’ve had massage, you’ve been to PT, you’ve tried chiropractic, you’ve had Reiki, and you’ve sprung for acupuncture.

These things help, but the pain always comes back.

So it seems like you’ve tried all the natural pain relievers out there.

And nothing really works.

Yet your head is throbbing. The pain in your back wakes you up. Or your child’s suffering with a broken arm is causing your entire family pain.

And it’s so bad that the person who’s in pain can’t even do the therapeutic stuff that everyone says is good for preventing pain, like yoga and PT exercises and swimming.

Your pain acts up when you run too, or when you lift weights, or when you do Pilates, or whatever forms of exercise you’ve always LOVED to do.

So where do you go from here?

I’ve tried all that stuff too, and struggled for three years with back pain that wouldn’t go away. And it only got worse when I tried to stretch or rebuild all the muscle I’d lost from not doing my favorite exercises anymore.

And I’d already addressed my diet. I’d been gluten free for 15 years. Dairy-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free. Mostly paleo for all that time.

So the next step I took is I eliminated nightshades. Particularly potatoes. Also tobacco.

And around that time I also started Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT).

That all helped a lot.


And then I read about turmeric essential oil. According to, it’s awesome for reducing arthritis and joint issues.

And I found that it’s spectacular for muscle pain too.

As a topical treatment, it’s a natural pain reliever that works.

Mix two drops of turmeric essential oil with a carrier oil or lotion, slather it on the site of your pain, and feel that pain dissolve.

I’m not kidding. It also improves your mood. Probably because it relieves pain.

Because when you’re not in pain anymore, you can enjoy life again.

I love Advanced Bio-Curcumin by Life Extension. It helps a ton when you take the pills.

But there is something about applying turmeric oil topically that really does the trick.

Young Living and Doterra don’t sell turmeric oil. And my favorite essential oil provider, Veriditas, doesn’t sell it either.

So I use this 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil by Healing Solutions.

A couple weeks ago my back got hurt again. For two days I had to work (remotely) in child’s pose. On the third day, the pain was starting to ease on its own, and it finally occurred to me to rub turmeric oil on the injured spot. The turmeric oil knocked the remaining pain out, and on the fourth day I was much better. I kept at it for several days afterwards, until I felt complete relief.

Now every body is different, so I’m not guaranteeing your results. I’m not a doctor either, so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. I know my stuff about firsthand natural healing, but I’m in no position to be regarded as an expert for you.

But if you go the natural route and you’ve tried just about everything, give turmeric oil a shot!

What have you tried for natural pain relief? What works for you? Let me know–I’m always looking for solutions.

Top image by Flickr user Steven Jackson


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