3 Sweet Hip-Hop Grooves and the DJs Who Should Remix Them


Here are three beats that would make sweet re-edits, and the DJs I’d like to remix them.

These songs are spectacular as they are (especially #3) and don’t need edits, but these remixers do some fantastic work, so I’d be interested to hear what they would do with this stuff.

1. Tie My Hands (Instrumental) – Lil Wayne (Featuring Robin Thicke)

It’s always hard for me to stop replaying this loop.

2. Ghost Dog Opening Theme – RZA  (W/Dogs & EFX)

After the first time I saw this movie, I never stopped playing this intro theme. I’m still listening to it.

3. I’ve Been Thinking – Handsome Boy Modeling School (Featuring Cat Power)

A colleague and I have spent a total of 423 hours IMing each other the lyrics to this song, interspersed with random work-related bits.

Here are my top 6 candidates for remixing these songs, and why:

1. Late Nite Tuff Guy (LNTG)

Because this is a gorgeous take on Sly & Robbie and Yarbrough & Peoples and who knows what other good stuff:

2. Mark E

Because this shit’s got the spirit of what I’m talking about:

3. Todd Terje

Cuz his Roxy Music remix is a sweet dirty funk. He does a good Jolene by Dolly Parton too. Not to mention his Horse With No Shame. And I thought there was a Back Door Man remix of his out there but I can’t find it.

4. Prins Thomas and/or Lindstrom

Cuz whatever they did to this Chemical Brothers song is genius, the way it makes your spirit soar. Their Boney M Down is awesome too, as is a lot of what they do.

5. Get Down Edits

Listen to what these cats did with Minnie Riperton’s Inside My Love. The way they tease that guitar out:

6. LTJ Xperience

It’s really a solid mix of False Faces that makes me love LTJ, but it’s not on YouTube anymore. A different mix of his is though. And there’s a snippet of the one I love.

I Don’t Want This Groove to Ever End (and many others) is (are) super sweet too:

What do you want to hear remixed? Who should do the edits?

Am I crazy for wanting someone to do something with Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is?

Top image by Flickr user Hernán Piñera.


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